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7-Eleven (D'Aguilar Street)


The international 24-hour convenience store chain sells a wide selection of snacks, drinks, newspapers and basic items. The place is a common late night hangout in LKF, where people gather outside to chat and drink.

10 D'Aguilar Street,
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Lan Kwai Fong
MTR Exit: 
Opening Hours: 
Open 24 Hours
7 Eleven (Seven Eleven) Lan Kwai Fong Brand Image

Business Information

Appointment Only:
Free Wi-Fi:
Wheelchair Accessible:
Payment method: Cash , Octopus



Open all night long
Crystal Cheung
06 September 2011
The only place that is actually open all night long, club 7-11! It's always packed with partygoers buying cigs, water, booze, late night're bound to bump into someone you know! Being in the middle of lankwai it's pretty much a 2 minute walk from anywhere you are. This is where the party is all night long.
Drunken stumble down the hill for more drinks!
Wendy Huang
06 September 2011
So we all know by now that club seven is a famous hangout for people who just wanna socialise and drink without spending a small fortune. So I won't blab on about that. Instead, a hilarious anecdote. A friend of mine was recently in town, and blind drunk. A random guy was sitting next to seven eleven with a girl, obviously trying to hook in. So my friend walks up to the guy (keep in mind that the guy was sitting on a step) and pulls his pants and jocks down, right in the guy's face. The girl, in shock, walks off, and the guy matters a 'that's rude', gets up and leaves. If this was Australia, my friend would have been pantless in the gutter with a black eye. Gotta love how friendly everyone is in HK hahaha
DIY drinks in club 7 :P
Fiona Chow
06 September 2011
A friend of mine always like to DIY drinks...and he always spare some to me... First, get a bottle of cola and wisky. Second, drink half of your coke. Third, pour half of the wisky in the bottle of coke. Here you go....:P Its always a ""starter"" before hitting up other bars..haha;P
Club 7
Lucero Viktoria Olivares Garcia
06 September 2011
"This infamous 7 Eleven is so much more than just that. The ultimate meeting point, every student's favorite pre-party spot and probably the most convenient convenience store on earth amidst the vibrant nightlife of Lan Kwai Fong. Except being that, it can get pretty damn crowded so expect a queue during party rush hour :) No other 7 Eleven would deserve the ""Oh, Thank Heaven"" more than this. Lost your friends? Head to 7 Eleven, you're certain to find them or other people you know. Or frankly start talking to strangers about your odd choice of drinks for the night. Yup, good old ""Club 7""."

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