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LKF Interview: The Hush Crew

We caught up with the team at Hush Bar & Lounge, to get the lowdown on one of LKF’s hidden gems and to get a taste of their mesmerising molecular cocktails.

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LKF Interview: The Hush Crew

Weary of your usual gin and tonic? Bored of the same bar scene? If you’re seeking a change of scenery head over to Hush Bar & Lounge where the Hush crew will surely find something to tickle your curiosity.

Arguably one of Lan Kwai Fong’s hidden gems, Hush boasts a bar and lounge with plenty of space to stretch out, but where creative cocktails like Foggy Coke, Won Ton Jäger bombs and Earl Grey Martinis are all par for the course.


They call it molecular mixology, and Sav and his team of talented mixologists – Faro and John – are the ones who make the magic happen at Hush.

As Hush’s manager Sav Sivakumar likes to say, “It’s an experience. These molecular cocktails are all things you’ve tasted before – martinis, margaritas, jäger bombs, whiskey and coke – with a novel presentation to give you a different sensory experience than what you're used to.”


It’s at this point that Faro announces that I’m to be ‘Faro-lysed,’ before recounting a few stories about his past victims. The ‘Faro-lyse’ is an example of Hush’s molecular shots. Standard issue ammunition for getting a party started at Hush, or perhaps ‘pre-gaming’ before hitting the clubs.

It’s the perfect example of Hush’s molecular concept at work. What Heston Blumenthal does to food, these mad mixologists do to drinks. “The bar is our lab,” says Faro. He continues, “We keep the exact mix of ingredients to ourselves, but everything is prepared on the bar so the customers can see us preparing each drink, which is a lot of fun for us too.”

Won Ton Jager

Examples of other drinks on the menu are Foggy Coke, Earl Grey Martini (named for the Earl Grey-infused foam atop the cocktail) and the Won Ton Jager. "The noodles are jäger, suspended in a Red Bull soup. To do this Jägerbomb, you have to slurp it all down at the same time," explains Faro.  

“We have our eight standard molecular drinks, Sav explains, “but credit to these boys, we don't even list all the drinks that these guys make, because we’d constantly have to update the menu.” 

Charcoal Margarita

Faro puts it quite simply, “These drinks mess with your mind. They play on taste, texture, smell and most of all challenge your expectations. Your eyes see one thing, but you taste and feel something completely different.”

For private bookings, Hush is perfect for birthdays, private parties, corporate events and networking nights. Throughout the week Hush has more of a lounge vibe. Perfect if you want to kick back and relax with a few drinks. "On weekends though, we amp it up, maybe changing the layout of the bar so you’ve got a dance floor,” says Sav.

“If you want to book the patio area for a quiet, private gathering, that’s no problem. You want a dance floor, we make it happen for you,” says Sav. “So while Hush is generally a fairly laid-back bar and lounge, we can offer a bespoke service for private bookings.”

Blue Balls

Turn up for a relaxed evening off the beaten track, or a few pre-game drinks before a night out. All that’s left is for Faro or John blow your mind with their ‘Blue Balls’ (pictured above).

Hush Bar & Lounge, G/F, 2 Glenealy, 2537 2281,


Images either taken by Tim Pritchard or courtesy of Hush Bar & Lounge.

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